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We generate commercial relationships and empathize in the digital world

We are a comprehensive, creative, digital agency specialized in design and digital marketing, so far venturing into national and international projects.

We love helping brands connect, communicate, and unite through emotions, feelings, and empathy in this digital environment, reflecting transformation, evolution, benefits, and memorable experiences with brands and their customers, moving from complexity to adaptability. And of course, exceeding goals and obtaining results, if your goals are to CONNECT and SELL Mktin Ideas is your ideal agency.







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How Do We Help Your Business Grow?

We create comprehensive design projects for identity, branding, and brand strategy.

The creativity behind a brand allows for its distinction and speaks of its authenticity, giving the world its essence.

Knowing the digital consumer today is extremely important. We digitally connect brands and potential consumers through key strategies and valuable content.

We create digital campaigns and schedule ads to achieve the marketing goals required by your project, from positioning your brand to interacting with your digital consumers.

Keeping your brand present all year through a promotional item is a traditional marketing strategy but still very effective. We love mixing digital and modern marketing with traditional marketing, thus creating a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy for your project.

The website of any brand is crucial for the ease of navigation of its customers and how they will relate to your project. We create and develop all types of web projects.

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BOOST by Rossy Berra Podcast

BOOST Podcast is a podcast created for entrepreneurs that will fill you with inspiration, full of habits, tips, advice, and tools to achieve what you set out to do. It was created by Rossy Berra, a marketer and CEO of Mktin Ideas, a natural entrepreneur and expert in how to start a business, with 11 years of experience in the world of entrepreneurship, and with a passion for creating new ways to achieve your goals as a brand, company, and entrepreneur. Considering digital marketing in your entrepreneurship as a relevant topic, essential for any entrepreneurship and that in our episodes you will learn more about how to use it and how to do it.

Over 100,000 monthly listeners!

How can you start a business?

Whether it’s your first or your next one, running a business can have a great and powerful impact on your life and the lives of those around you, but before you can manage it, you must set it up.


Today I want to share with you 5 elements that trigger that strategy for any project, and that I am sure will help you carry them out in the most practical way at the time of execution.


We are starting a new week, and so I share these important tips with you so that you can boost your project on your social media. Advertising on the internet and social media can be essential to get your business off the ground.

Are you ready to start and embark on and improve your current entrepreneurship?

Subscribe to BOOST Podcast now and receive all the push you need and are looking for to go for what you want! Transform your entrepreneurship to its maximum level with Rossy Berra who will accompany you on this experience of being your best entrepreneurial version.