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Trademark Register

In Mktin Ideas®, we perform the registration of your brand to protect it. We have more than 10 years of experience successfully registering brands.

Making the decision to register your brand is a very important step in the life of every company; it not only provides security for your corporate identity, but also creates prestige for all your products or services. Mktin Ideas® is recognized and certified as an authorized agency for the registration of trademarks with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and in Rights Reservations with the National Institute of Copyright (INDAUTOR), which is necessary to obtain your legal registration titles, through these important institutions, which are responsible for granting the exclusive right to use the brand in the national territory, for the specified time according to the type of registration carried out.



Great Benefits

By completing the Trademark and/or Patent Registration process, major benefits are granted, such as:

Exclusive right to use trademark

Prevents someone else from using your brand improperly. In addition, the quality of the products and services you sell are also protected and distinguished from others in the market.

Strengthen Your Brand

This means bigger and better sales. Otorga máximo soporte legal a la construcción y el prestigio de tu marca.

Give maximum legal support to the construction and prestige of your brand.

Increase Your Value

It is an excellent investment that will give you the opportunity to franchise your project, since the trademark registration is mandatory to do so.


How long does it last?

Trademark registration in Matamoros, Tamaulipas or Mexico is not mandatory, however, by doing so you will not be infringing on the rights of third parties who use a current registered trademark. By registering your trademark, you will have the full security of not infringing the rights of third parties and therefore there will be no infringing conduct.

6 months

It is the approximate duration to carry out the process of processing to register your Trademark. An important part of our service is to provide timely follow-up to each and every one of the requests throughout the entire process of the procedure.

10 years

It is the validity for your Trademark to be registered in Mexico. The renewal may be made as many times as required as long as the new request is made in advance of 6 to 8 months before the expiration date.

Phonetic Search

Carrying out the phonetic search will help us to know if your brand meets the requirements to be registrable. Otherwise, we advise you and help you to comply with them and thus be able to move on to the trademark registration. You will get your answer in just 24 hours.
Phonetic Search: $1,200

trademark registration

Other Services

Brand Renovation

Once the availability of the name/commercial notice has been verified, we will proceed to fill out the Registration/Brand Renewal/Commercial Notice form to be examined by the IMPI. The duration of the process is an average of 6 months. From the time the application is filed with the IMPI, your Trademark is protected with a right that can be enforced against third parties. The cost expressed is registration per class.

Usage Declaration

For a Brand that will be registered for the first time, the Declaration of Use of the Brand must be submitted 6 months before the third year after the Title was granted. Payment of 1 fee will be made. In a period of 6 months, the Title will be delivered via email and the free and commercial use of the brand will be allowed to continue. For a Trademark that is going to be renewed, the Declaration of Use of the Trademark is carried out together with the Trademark Renewal process every 10 years. Payment of 2 fees will be made. In a period of 6 months, the Title will be delivered via email and the free and commercial use of the brand will be allowed to continue.

Answer to objections

When requesting the registration of your Trademark, sometimes the IMPI can issue objections, (among the most common are the requirements of form, prior and legal impediments, etc.) in order to request further clarifications in the application. We take care of answering all kinds of requirements to give continuity to the process and thus obtain the title of Registration of your Trademark successfully.

Patent Registration

A patent is the exclusive right you receive to invent something. It empowers you as the owner of the invention to decide if it can be used by third parties and in what way. Patent protection prevents an invention from being reproduced, used, or distributed for commercial purposes without the consent of the patent holder. So if you invented something innovative, register it in patents, protect your creation through us.


If you have created a literary or artistic work, this is your section, the copyright can be granted to you by the State if you are the creator of this type of work and decide to register it. With the authorization of this registry, you will enjoy the right of a personal nature, which is called moral right and the patrimonial right as the economic right is called.

These are the types of works protected by Copyright: Literary, musical with or without lyrics, dramatic, dance, pictorial or drawing, sculptural and plastic, caricature and comic, architectural, cinematographic and Audiovisual, radio programs and TV, computer programs, photographs, works of applied art (including graphic or textile design), compilation works, the rest that by analogy can be included in the plot most similar to its nature.


Registering a trademark in the United States is one of the most important steps for companies when marketing products and services in the United States, whether they are exported or directly in an establishment or company in the United States.

This type of registration gives businessmen the security of knowing that their brand is legally distributed, in the same way this type of registration gives value to the brand, this being an intangible asset as a business.

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